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Sake Tasting

  • Miyabi 9 512 E. Grand Ave. Des Moines, IA 50309 (map)

Chance to win $50 Miyabi 9 Gift Certificate; you must be present to win!!

Sake is the Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.  No trip to Japan needed to enjoy this flavorful beverage that could pair with almost any food.

If you think Sake is literally rice wine….  Well, not exactly.

Technically speaking, wine is fermented grape juice.  Rice doesn’t qualify, so calling rice based sake as wine is incorrect.  Sake is made from polished rice kernels that are converted into sugar with the help of a special kind of mold.  The mold is called “koji-kin”, and the koji-kin converts the starch into sugar which with the addition of yeast, then ferments and creates the alcohol.  Once the rice ferments and becomes a sort of mash, it is pressed and strained to produce the final product.  Grapes, as opposed to rice, already contain the sugars needed to turn into alcohol; therefor, no special mold is required in winemaking.

Come and join us and find out more about Sake and try some of the best Sake that is made in Japan.

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