Board/Executive Introductions

Our executive team is dedicated to providing a wonderful experience for all members of Japan America Society of Iowa. Our team is made up of four dedicated individuals that are passionate and devoted to Japan America Society of Iowa.

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Chie Schiller - Board Chair/Executive President

Chie Schiller first joined JASI in 2014.  She joined Manabiya language school in Nov 2014 as a volunteer supporting language and cultural education activities for children, and she also joined Soten Taiko group in June 2015.  She assumed the current executive president role on January 1, 2016. 

Chie is an AVP, Operational Risk Consultant at Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Mortgage Home Lending business.  19 years with Wells Fargo Bank, and her extensive work experience includes compliance, operational risk management, business process management, project management and implementation.  She also has 13 years’ experience in managing SCorporation.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and master’s degree in Project Management from University of Mary.   

Chie was born and raised in Hokkaido Japan, she lived in Montana nearly 20 years, and relocated to Iowa in 2012.  Her mission as the executive president of JASI is to preserve original founders’ mission and vision, continued to celebrate beautiful Japanese culture, language and arts with our friends and neighbors in Iowa.  

Tessa Hopson - Board of Directors/Executive Vice President

Tessa joined JASI in 2010 and assumed her current role as Board Member/Executive Co-Vice President in 2016. She was introduced to JASI through her role as president of Drake’s University’s Anime Club. It was here she began helping with Anime DeMoii. She helped Anime DeMoii expand from a small event in 2010 to a significantly larger event of over 1000 people in attendance in 2016. 

Tessa moved to Des Moines, Iowa after high school graduation to attend Drake University where she earned a BA in Clinical & Applied Health Sciences. She helped expand Drake’s Anime Club from a small group relatively unknown on the campus to a well-known funded organization on campus. She is a manager at Smitten Kitten. She has a deep passion for the Japanese Culture and hopes to visit Japan again someday in the future.


John Hurst - Board of Directors/Executive Vice President

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Yoshimi Tamura - Board of Director/ Executive Treasurer 

Yoshimi has been a member of JASI since 2013. She was in charge of the gift shop for 2 years and now serves as Treasurer. After graduation from high school in British Columbia, Canada, she moved to Iowa to attend college, where she received her Office Assistant diploma. She spent 4 years working as a Bilingual Shelter Advocate and is currently working as a Judicial Specialist III for the State of Iowa. She is also employed as a Photographer/Support Firefighter at a local fire department. 
After spending half of my life in North America, I now appreciate the great values of the Japanese culture, such as the concept of “Wa”. In Japan, my mom owns an antique Kimono store in my home town. My passion is working for the fire department, where I have a deep appreciation for working for others. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping, traveling and creating handmade items. Someday in the near future, my dream is to publish my book I have been working on for the last few years.

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