2017 CelebrAsian

Thank everyone for your hard work over the 2017 CelebrAsian, 15th anniversary event.  JASI has being a part of this annual Asian Festival since the 1st year, and we’re continuing to build our good memories year after year.  Throughout this year’s event, I felt high energy from everyone and all volunteers worked tirelessly.

I received wonderful feedback from our members, volunteers, event partners as well as the event audience that how well each tents were organized and how friendly we were to everyone.  Once again we got hit by a rain, but tents and grounds were very well protected that the impacts from the rain was very small or almost none.  Most importantly, despite the rain, our passion and spirits weren’t washed away with it, it seemed the rain refreshed our spirits to even work harder and brought us closer. 
I’m very proud to be a part of this organization, and I truly appreciate your time, talent and dedication for our organization.

Chie Schiller
Board Chair / Executive President