Manabiya Iowa Finished First Semester

We have finished our first semester.  At the last day in the classroom, they had presentations of their research about the places in Japan.  They picked the prefectures that they wanted to know about and made posters and slide shows.  The parents came to enjoy traveling though the country of Japan by their presentations.
We ended the semester by participating CelebrAsian representing JASI's culture tent on May 27th and also performed on the main stage.  We danced "Sakura Yosakoi" in the light rain.  Regardless the weather, we all had a great time.  Through this dance, we have built a strong team work and a great spirit of Manabiya members.
Our second semester will start on Aug. 19th.  The following week will be our annual summer festival where there will be fun games and food to taste.  Until then, our students will be busy doing their summer homework.
Chikako Brown
Manabiya Principal