June 2018

Japan America Society of Iowa (JASI) Members and Volunteers,

Thank you very much for your hard work over the 2018 16 th CelebrAsian event. I truly appreciate your time, talent and dedication for our organization. What an amazing team we have!

Even in very hot and humid weather, we’ve once again successfully completed this annual event. Our food tent’s new menu items, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, and Mitarashi-Dango, were a big success and we were able to share savory Japanese festival food to the Iowa community.

I’d like to send a special thanks to John Hurst and Brandon Akamine for long hours of planning and testing to perfect these special dishes. In addition, John and Brandon tirelessly worked the entire 2 event days including prep the day before! お疲れ様でした(Otsukaresamadeshita)!!!

I would like to recognize Ben Molloy for continued support for JASI as well. Despite his health,he continued to be a liaison between JASI and Central Campus Kitchen for ease of food storage and preparation, and generously letting us use his truck for transportation. Ben-san, please send my sincere appreciation to the Central Campus chief for letting us use their kitchen, and thank you for been a liaison between the organization and the Central Campus. We were able to efficiently operate the food tent because of the generosity of you and the Central Campus chief.

I would also like to send appreciation to Teresa Aoki and all volunteers for the Gift Tent; Teresa always picks up such cute Japanese products for us. Chikako Brown and Manabiya families for the Culture Tent and main stage dance performance. Manabiya kids worked very hard developing cultural posters and game instruction. Fashion show participants: Victoria, Lisa, and Ayla- thank you very much for sharing Japanese traditional Kimono/Yukata on such a hot day, and thank you very much for Yurika Kanai-Molloy for dressing up Ayla and Lisa for the Fashion Show. Thank you Victoria for sharing your wonderful dance performance on the main stage again. Soten Taiko members- I’m so happy for you guys, we were able to share full performance this year without rain interfering.

For all members and volunteers, we were handing out a water bottle or a grocery tote as an
appreciation gift for 2018 CelebrAsian volunteers. If you did not receive one of these gift items, please reach out to me, so we can make sure everyone received one of these items.

In addition, we’re going to have 2018 CelebrAsian Post Event Party, so please mark your calendar and RSVP soon.

June 2018 Kizuna Meet / 2018 CelebrAsian Post Event Party
Date: Sunday, June 17 th , 2018
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Air Lanes Bowling Alley at 4200 Fleur Drive, Des Moines
RSVP: info@japaniowa.org


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