Manabiya Iowa

We are back in class!  After the long, long summer break, our second semester has started on August 18th.  Students brought their homework and they all looked great!  Reviewing the journals/diaries everyone was assigned this summer along with homework, it was nice to read what everyone did during their breaks.  In addition, the Manabiya students did a "Show and Tell" about their break time.

We had a couple of guests from Yamanashi.  When the students from the University of Yamanashi came, they did a small presentation about Origami..  Also, they helped us in the class by conversing in Japanese with advanced students, playing with them at recess, and making a poster and signs for our summer festival.  It was a great opportunity for both of us to learn and have fun!

Next Hiyoko Club (Undoukai, Sports day)

Manabiya Iowa Parking Lot in West Des Moines
Saturday, October 6th
9:30 - 10:30 am
Fee:  $5.00 per family

Let's have fun with outdoor activities before the cold weather gets here!

Manabiya Iowa
Chikako Brown


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