March 2019

Message from the President:

Matcha ( 抹茶), Japanese Green Tea is the must have item for Tea Ceremony.  The Tea Ceremony is a result of the Zen concept of greatness in the smallest incident of life.  In 16thcentury in Japan, Tea Ceremony was indurated by Rikyu Sen (1522 – 1591) as the Wabi Cha style, which emphasizes nature and simplicity.  The Tea Ceremony is the appreciation of tea, art, natural beauty, and simplicity of the four seasons.

Matcha is rich in natural elements and nutrients that are good for health.  Matcha contains Catechin, also called Tannin, which is a bioflavonoid that has both antiviral and antioxidant qualities.  It helps to prevent cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.  Catechin also has many positive cholesterol-lowering effects. It helps to clear blocked veins and arteries, allowing your blood to flow more smoothly.  Other beneficial effects of Catechin are: removing free radicals, reducing cholesterol, reducing fat, antibacterial and sterilizing effects, prevent infections, moderating allergies, oral care agent, and prevents dental cavities.  Matcha helps relax the mind and allowing one to focus on the task at hand, so try a cup of green tea approx. 40 minutes before work or study.  Matcha contains caffeine, yet it also contains Theanine, and Theanine tempers the effects of caffeine; therefor, Matcha does not cause nervousness or excitability because of Theanine contents.

We certainly don’t have to hold a Tea Ceremony to enjoy Matcha.  In general, Matcha is prepared in a Chawan (tea bowl) and use a bamboo Chasen (whisk) until it has a rich form on top; however, there is a bottle shaking method you can use for a casual preparation, so that you can enjoy drinking genuine Matcha anywhere, anytime, freely.  

1.    Put 1 teaspoon of Matcha into a pet plastic bottle or your preferred container with a capacity of approx. 17fl oz and a lid.

2.    Pour 7 – 12fl oz of cool or room temperature water into the container.

3.    Shake the bottle quickly and boldly 10 – 20 times. 

I hope you’d enjoy many benefits of Japanese Matcha, green tea at your home, and stay healthy,   enjoy the long and happy life.


Chie Schiller

Board Chair/Executive President